Golf’s Ruler Drill- Get Your Putting On Line With A Ruler

By Brett Bennett
June 29, 2012

Solid contact with your putts comes from the time that you put into your practice on the green. The easiest way to start to make short putts is to strike the ball solidly and start the ball at the hole. If you have a tendency to push or pull your putts, the ball will never get on your intended line. I have a drill that will drastically improve the contact at which you hit your putts. It is called the three foot ruler drill. The drill will give a visual of how the golf ball is coming off of the putter face.

The first step to this drill is to stop by a local retail or hardware store. What we are looking for is a standard one inch by 36 inches metal ruler. I picked this training aid up for around $5.00. This could possibly be one of the cheapest training aids I own. Now, the only thing that the ruler must have is a hole at one end of it. This is where your ball will be placed to start the drill.

Once you have purchased the ruler, it is time to get started. What I like to do is place the ruler on a flat putt leading into a hole. This will give you the visual satisfaction of seeing the ball go into the hole. Go ahead and place a ball in the precut hole. Take a stroke, trying to hit the ball square, leading to the ball rolling all the way along the ruler. If you do not make solid contact, you will find that the ball will fall wayward off of the ruler before it has rolled along the three foot metal surface. I bet you will find that this drill is challenging, but will be rewarding when you see more putts go in the hole.

The great thing about this training aid is that it can be used at anytime of the year. Being from the Midwest, many of us find ourselves in a climate that is not susceptible to toning our golf skills during the winter. This will allow for much needed time in the off season to continue to improve your putting skills. Make your next stop be the local hardware to help improve your putting.

Brett Bennett

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