Golf’s Swing Step Drill, Gain More Distance

By Rick Cole
February 29, 2012

Who wants to launch his ball down the fairway past everyone else? We all do! That’s why we buy the latest and greatest driver and spend $40 a dozen on golf balls. Equipment matters, but using your body well matters more. Club head speed is the key to greater distance. But hitting long drives starts on the practice range, not on the tee box. Here’s a drill that teaches you to swing the club faster.

Watch PGA Pro Todd Kolb show us the “Swing Step Drill.” This drill generates greater club head speed, better ball contact, and a full turn. These are essential for long bombing drives. One great feature of this drill is the dynamic nature of the routine. It helps you break out of a rigid over-analyzed posture. Feel the power available in your whole body. Hear the sound of crisp contact. Feel like Bubba Watson. Watch the ball fly to the back of the range.

Good practice leads to great golf. One great thing about this drill is the fun you will have pounding the ball down the range. Hitting long drives is fun. Smashing the ball builds confidence. Seeing how much power you can generate raises your expectations on the tee. Expect to hit the ball longer and you will hit the ball longer.

Rick Cole

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