How to Achieve the Proper Putting Setup

By Brett Bennett
August 27, 2012

The shots on and around the green can equate for over half of the shots taken on the golf course.  The perfect putting setup that is required to hit a solid putt is easy and essential to improving your game.  If you can feel more comfortable over the ball on the putting surface, your confidence will rise and ultimately lead to more putts being made.

Let’s start out with the putting grip within the setup.  Now, this is not the same grip as you would take when hitting the ball in any other situation.  In this instance, instead of feeling the grip within your fingers and your palm falling on top of the grip, your palms are going to fall on the sides of the grip.  To illustrate, put both hands together with the palms facing each other.   Imagine a grip in between them with your fingers wrapping around.

With your grip in place, next pay attention to your forearms.  Once you have taken your grip, I would like you to notice the shape that your forearms are forming.  It is going to be similar to the letter V.  This V must be sustained throughout the stroke.  Do not let it break down by trying to flick your wrist or forearms.  Now, when you take your stroke, I want you to feel like you are “rocking” your shoulders.  While keeping the V formed, you will rock your shoulders, creating a pendulum motion.

Take these points out to the course the next time you practice.  A basic but correct setup is crucial to your putting success.  You might just find more putts going in leading to lower scores!

Brett Bennett

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  1. I have been struggling with my putting as of late. Getting back to the basics will be a big help! Thanks Brettt

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