How To Control the Chip Shot and Improve Your Shoulder Turn Video

By Todd Kolb
November 26, 2012

Controlling the distance of chip shots is a key factor to having a great short game.  In this video, Teaching Professional Brett Bennett gives a couple suggestions on to get your golf ball to travel the correct distance and finish close to the hole.

  1. Select the club you wish to use for the shot.
  2. Walk towards the cup and stop half way.  Get a feel for the total distance.
  3. At the half way point, check out the break of the green and determine the direction the ball will roll once on the ground.

For another great video that will improve your chipping, check out this video on the perfect lob shot.

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If you want to hit the ball further, a big shoulder turn will help.  Follow these suggestions by PGA Professional Brett Bennett to improve your shoulder turn and increase your distance.

  1. Put a club across your shoulders and turn the club and your shoulders to a 90 degree angle relative to the target line. This will give you a full shoulder turn and complete backswing.
  2. Rotate the shoulders and club into the finish position with the right shoulder and club pointing at the target.
  3. Rotate the belt buckle until it faces the target into a complete finish.

If you want to learn more about how to increase your distance and hit long and solid drives, be sure to watch this How to Hit the Driver video by PGA Professional Jason Sudenga.

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