How To Hit A Lob Shot- Saving Strokes With the Flop Shot

By Joel Harrington
October 6, 2012

In this video, PGA Pro Todd Kolb discusses the lob shot.  The lob shot is a shot that you’ll want to play when you have very little green to work with.  Perhaps you’ve short sided yourself with the pin cut close between you and the edge of the green, or you need to pitch just barely onto the green in order to get it close to the hole.  The lob shot is a feared shot for many amateurs, but if the basics are executed properly, it can be a surefire stroke saver.

The basics of a lob shot start with club selection.  You’ll want to play lob shots with your lob wedge, or if you don’t have a lob wedge, use the highest lofted club in your bag (ideally 60 degrees or so).  Once you’ve selected your lob wedge, place the ball in the center of your stance, grip down slightly on the club, keep the grip pressure light, move your hands even with or slightly behind the ball and take a slow and smooth swing.

Do not worry about trying to “help” the ball up into the air as the loft of the club will allow the ball to fly high and land soft with little roll.  Do not place your hands ahead of the ball as that will de-loft the club and will not allow for optimum loft with little roll.

Remember these basics of the lob shot and you’ll be sure to save strokes where strokes are most important- around the greens.

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