How To Hit Chip Shots Closer With the Bump and Run

By Brett Bennett
November 5, 2012

In this video, Teaching Professional Brett Bennett teaches you the effectiveness of the bump and run chip shot.  The bump and run shot is a chip shot that requires a club that has less loft than a typical chip shot.  Many amateurs when approached with a shot around the green will go directly for a high lofted club such as a sand or lob wedge.  The bump and run is most effective when there is a lot of green between you and the pin.  It has a lower trajectory that will allow the ball to roll out further than a normal chip shot.

The set-up for the bump and run is going to bring our feet close together with the ball position being in the back of your stance.  The stroke that you are going to take is your hands starting higher on the backswing with a low finish as you follow through. This will allow the ball to come off of the club face low and roll out towards the pin.  Use this type of shot when you are around the green to eliminate the thin or chunked shots that you might hit with a higher lofted club.

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