How To Hit the Driver In Golf Video

By Brett Bennett
August 22, 2012

Setting up for a drive requires more than just teeing up the ball and swinging—at least for a good drive anyway.  Teaching Professional Jason Sudenga gives some tips on how to set up for a successful drive:

–        Tee the ball so half of it is above the crown of the club head.

–        Position the ball on the inside of the lead heel.

–        Take a stance with your feet shoulder width apart.

If you find yourself breaking tees, chances are you’re hitting down on the ball, which creates more spin and reduces distance.  This can be a product of teeing the ball too low, so make sure the ball is teed up high enough so it’s being contacted on the upswing, which can also help reduce spin.  To find out more about woods in general, take a look at this introduction to woods video.

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