How To Hit the Knockdown Shot In Golf Video

By Todd Kolb
October 27, 2012

If you play any golf, at some point you will find yourself playing in some windy conditions.  The ability to control the ball into the wind or what we call the knockdown shot is vital to becoming a quality player.  Teaching Professional Brett Bennett gives three great tips on how to lower your ball flight and control the ball in those windy conditions.

  1. Ball position: Move the ball back (towards the right foot for a right handed golfer) in the stance.  This will keep our hands forward and create less loft at impact.
  2. Keep the backswing shorter than normal and also slow the tempo down. The shorter backswing and slower swing speed will take spin off the ball and help keep the ball down.
  3. Abbreviate the finish and have the hands finish low. The combination of the abbreviated finish and lower hands will produce a lower ball flight.

For more golf tips on how to hit shots from different lies and conditions, check out this video.

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