How to Improve Lower Body Stability and Posture In Your Golf Swing

By Joel Harrington
February 29, 2012

Stability in the lower body coupled with proper posture are two of the biggest keys to striking solid shots on the golf course.  In this video below, Avera Sports Institute Golf Fitness Specialist Dick Bartling gives specifics on a great way to help teach you both of these keys.

As you’ll see Dick explain in the video, take a 5-iron and lay it across the front of your shoulders, then assume the address position.  Next, take your backswing by rotating your shoulders back just like you would if you were actually hitting the ball, and then turn through the shot pretending that you’re trying to hit the ball by coming down into the impact position.

Repeating this motion will help you maintain posture and stability during your golf swing, which will help add to your game’s consistency.

Joel Harrington

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