How To Improve Your Bunker Play, Check Out This Beach Drill Video

By Troy Klongerbo
November 27, 2012

Bunkers, also known as Sand Traps, are some of the most intimidating shots in all of golf. With a high level of challenge being presented to many golfers of all levels, it is important to get in there and hit some shots.

In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb talks about the importance of hitting shots from the bunker repeatedly during practice sessions. This gives golfers the time to feel the sand and the way the club reacts to it. He recommends to golfers to use a sand wedge (typically anything from 54 to 60 degrees of loft) when hitting the shots.

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With more shots hit from the sand, it becomes easier to understand how the ball wants to come out and how the club works with the sand. The only way to become good players from the bunker is through getting out on the beach and hitting shots!

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