How To Improve Your Chipping- Hit Shots Closer With The Chipping Ring Drill

By Troy Klongerbo
July 25, 2012

Unless a player hits every single green in regulation during a round of golf, odds are the golfer will be hitting some chip shots during the course of a round of golf.

In this drill, PGA Professional Todd Kolb describes a drill called the Chipping Ring Drill. This is a great drill to practice hitting shots to within a certain proximity to the hole. The drill can be centered around a ring or a set of tees, as long as they are 6 feet apart and no further than 3 feet to the hole. This will be the target area during the chipping practice session.

The drill is very simple. By moving around the green to different locations, work towards hitting chips shots to where they finish inside either the ring or the set of tees. It’s a great way to practice hitting chip shots to a specific area and add more challenge to the art of chipping.

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