How To Improve Your Putting Stroke- One Arm Putting Drill

By Brett Bennett
October 31, 2012

As the winter is approaching here in the Midwest, being at a golf course is not essential to working on your game.  If it’s taking full swings in the garage or working on your putting stroke in the house while you are watching television, there is always time in the off-season to practice.  After personally reflecting on the summer of teaching, I thought about what were some of the common flaws that I had witnessed.  One that jumped out at me was the unwanted wrist action that sometimes occurs in your putting stroke.  Here is a drill to work on that.

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The drill is called the “One Arm Putting.”  What it is going to help with is the elimination of the wrist breakdown within the putting stroke.  This can ultimately cause the putt to start off line or prevent solid contact with the golf ball.

Find a place in your house where you can roll a putt about eight to ten feet.  Grip the putter with your right hand along so the wrist is slightly extended (back of your hand toward the top of the forearm).  Make your putting stroke with no wrist action.  Do that five times, focusing on not breaking down your wrist.  Now, switch to the left hand alone (you may need to go a little lower on the grip for control) and with the back of the left hand solid, do likewise.  Do this again five times.  Then putt some with both hands mimicking the action practiced when using the hands separately.

The off-season is a great time to continue to work on your game and this drill will be a tool to help improve your putting.  Don’t let the cold stop you from getting better!

Brett Bennett


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