How To Improve Your Putting With The Mental Aspect

By Brett Bennett
October 25, 2012

Have you ever been standing over a putt thinking “I am not going to make this”?  The psychological part of the putting game is something that we all need to overcome.  Once the bad thoughts have started to flow, it seems that there is no chance of the ball going in the hole.  A positive attitude along with a little practice is going to go along ways towards making more putts.

First, let’s start with the positive attitude behind your putting.  The truth is that a positive attitude is going to allow you to make your best stroke.  Putting is a lot of feel and is something that needs to be acquired through practice.   I want you to start to practice putting with a routine.  The routine is to have confidence when you stand up to the putt and have a thought process of “I’m going to make this putt.”  Now once you have struck your putt, I want you to keep your head down until you have heard the putt go in the hole.

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Combine these two the next time you are able to practice putting and you will find your mental side of putting improve…ultimately leading to more putts made!

Brett Bennett

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