How to Pick a Golf Scramble Team

By Todd Kolb
November 16, 2011

At some point this summer, most of us will be invited to play in a corporate or fund raising golf event.  Now, most of these events are opportunities to entertain customers or build company moral among the rank and file.  But let’s be honest.  Yes, it’s nice to spend time with the staff and raise money for the local charity, but you want to win!

The assembling of a quality team is much like a fantasy football draft.  Knowing the inner strengths and weaknesses of each potential team member is key to determining your all-star line up.  Unfortunately, there are no mock fantasy golf magazines floating around Barnes and Noble.  However, do not fear, these tips are better than a Mel Kiper draft day wish list.

A hidden gem on any team can be the female co-worker.  Yes, let your male ego subside and ask her to play.  From the ladies tees, the average female can out-drive even the longest hitter.

Unless you’re Phil Knight of Nike and your staff includes the likes of Mr. Woods, take the boss.  A few precious hours with the man in charge can give your career the boost it needs.  If you assemble a strong team and happen to win, you become a real “leader” in the office.

Golf is like skiing.  Do it as a kid and you will always have a decent level of skill.  Find the new guy in the office who just spent the last four years playing golf while attending college.  He’ll be flattered the old man asked him to play.

Drive for show and putt for dough.  The old guy knows he can’t hit it with the young guns anymore.  How does he compensate?  He chips and putts like a pro.  Every good team needs a great putter.  Look at the senior staff for your legend.

OK, so there it is- the cheat sheet for this year’s golf outing draft.  Remember, year-long bragging rights are on the line.  Use these tips to assemble your dream team and get ready to sketch your name on the company tournament trophy.

Todd Kolb

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