How to Play Golf In the Wind- The Ultimate Variable

By Brett Bennett
April 30, 2012

Golf has many variables that make this game one of the purest and toughest around.  No matter how many times we go to the golf course, all of the conditions and variables will never be the same.  From the course conditions, to the pin locations, or weather conditions, there are many aspects that make every game of golf different than the one before.  But, the one variable that may play the biggest role in determining your score for the day could be the wind.  And with living in the Midwest, it is as though the wind is always blowing out of some direction.  So, let’s take a look at a couple of tips for playing in the wind.

I think the most important part of playing golf in the wind is to make sure that we have full stability.  This all starts with our feet, the extremity that keeps our body attached to the ground.  One way we can ensure that our body is more stable in the wind is by taking a little wider stance with our feet.  Especially, when the wind is at a higher mph such as 20 to 30+ mph, where we can feel the wind push our body from side to side. Also, don’t forget apply this concept to your putting stance as well.  This will lead to more solidly struck putts and a more stable golf swing.

So, once we have established our stance, the next point to focus on is the swing.  I bet almost everyone has heard the old saying, “swing easy when it’s breezy.”  Well, you’re going to hear it again.  The reason why this true is because the harder we swing the golf club, the more club head speed we produce and the result is more spin on the golf ball. So when it is windy, the more spin a ball has, the more the ball will be affected by the speed and direction of the wind.  The best way to achieve a lower spin rate is by taking a more controlled swing.  The controlled swing can keep the spin on the ball to a minimum and in turn keep the ball in play on these windy days.

Here is one last bit of advice once you find yourself in the fairway trying to decide on what club to hit in the wind.  For every 10 mph of wind, the shot will play one club difference depending on if it is behind you or against you.  During your next round, take a minute to pull some grass to see what direction the wind is coming out of and how hard it is really blowing.  Be sure to double check the flag on the green to see if the wind could even be different around the green.   If you take these points into consideration, you will find yourself down the middle of the fairway and closer to the flagstick.

Brett Bennett

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