How To Play the Golf Format Alternate Shot Video

By Troy Klongerbo
July 13, 2012

Alternate shot is one of the more common formats of golf played in team play. Ideally, two players are on a team for this format of play. Simply put, each player on a team will ‘alternate’ shots.

Now there are two different types of alternate shot often played, as PGA Professional Todd Kolb points out. The first is a pure alternate shot, where it is important to note which player finishes the previous hole. Whichever player finishes the previous hole, the other player tees off on the subsequent hole.

In the other format, each player is given either the ‘odd’ or the ‘even’ holes. No matter who finishes the hole, the player designated to either the ‘odd’ or ‘even’ tee boxes will tee off. Regardless the format used, one score is recorded per hole, per team.

Each and every event is different and it is important to contact the tournament committee prior to playing in any alternate shot events.

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