How To Play the Golf Game “Lone Ranger” Video

By Troy Klongerbo
November 1, 2012

The game “Lone Ranger” can be played by any number of golfers, with a minimum of 3 being necessary. In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb plays in a group of 3 to play the game “Lone Ranger”.

The game “Lone Ranger” starts out with a lone ranger, or a player who is to play the hole individually. All of the players play the hole, with the lone ranger’s score going against everyone else in the group. The lone ranger’s score counts regardless, but the other players in the group play in the format of a best ball. The lowest score of the group of players not playing as the lone ranger is counted along with that of the lone ranger. The total number gives the team their total score.

Each player must be given alternate turns as lone ranger. The lone ranger’s score will count no matter what it is each time someone is the lone ranger.

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