How To Play the Match Play Golf Format Video

June 26, 2012

In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb describes how to play the format in golf known as the ‘Match Play’ format. The Match Play format is one of the more common formats in all of golf, typically pitting two golfers against one another in a head-to-head match as opposing to players playing against the field.

Instead of keeping score by recording numbers for each hole, the match play format keeps score with each hole worth 1. If a golfer wins a hole, they will take the lead by one – also called being 1 UP. It is a continual back and forth game where a golfer continues to either go further up (i.e. 2 UP, 3 UP, 4 UP etc.) or gives holes back to their opponents by moving back to 1 DOWN, 2 DOWN, 3 DOWN etc. If two golfers are tied in the match, it is called in proper match play terms as being ALL SQUARE.

The player who wins the most holes will win the match. The match is over once a golfer is up more holes than there are holes left on the golf course. If there are 3 holes left on the course, but a golfer is 4 UP, the match is deemed to be over, with the player winning the match 4&3 (i.e. 4 UP with 3 holes to play).

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