How To Practice Your Bunker Play With the Bunker Tee Drill Video

By Todd Kolb
October 24, 2012

Hitting a bunker shot can be one of the scariest shots in golf for many amateurs.  Knowing the correct technique and how to properly practice this shot can quickly turn one of golf’s most dreaded situations into a welcomed opportunity to look like a pro.  In this video, PGA Professional Danny Sinksen shows us how to execute and practice the greenside bunker shot.

  1. Put a tee in the bunker and point it toward the green.
  2. Image how you would hit the tee out of the bunker.
  3. Focus on splashing the tee out and swing through fully.
  4. Apply the same ideas with the golf ball.

To see another tip on how to hit a greenside bunker shot, check out this video by PGA Professional Brett Bennett.

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