How To Practice Your Golf Game On the Driving Range

By Brett Bennett
October 24, 2012

In this video, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb teaches you how to practice your game on the driving range.  Once you get to the golf course and find the time to work on your game, there are a couple of things that you need to think about to use your time efficiently.

First, your practice has to be more about the quality of the practice versus the quantity.  It’s not about that the amount of golf balls that you it, but more importantly about the quality at which you hit the balls.  For example, 30 quality practice shots is going to be more beneficial to your learning, instead of hitting 150 balls with no idea in mind of what you are working on.

Now, within the amount of shots that you do hit, you need to work on a variety of shots that you will see on the golf course.  The first area to start with is your wedges.  Here you want to focus on distance control because this is one area of the game that will allow you to score.  Then, go ahead and hit some mid irons and woods because these are shots that are going to be needed to hit just about every golf hole.  While doing this, you need to focus on a specific target just as if you were on the golf course shooting towards a pin.

Lastly, you need to align yourself towards this target that you are shooting for.  This can be achieved by laying down a club shaft or alignment stick parallel towards the intended target.  Do this on every shot to allow your body to feel how you should be aligned.

Brett Bennett

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