How to Practice Your Golf Game

By Brett Bennett
August 21, 2012

In this video, PGA Teaching Professional Todd Kolb teaches you how to properly practice your golf game.  When it comes to practicing your golf game, it is essential to work on all aspects of the game.

The first place you can start is the driving range.  Here you want to work on an array of different shots starting with your wedges to warm-up, and working your way up towards your irons and woods.  Be sure to pay attention to your tempo and the contact of the golf ball.

Once you move towards the green to work on your chipping you want to work on two different types of shots.  One will use a high lofted club that will get the ball up and high in the air, while the other will be a lower lofted club that will project the ball lower and get the ball on the green and rolling.  With both of these types of shots, it’s important to practice from a variety of different locations and lies.  An easy way to do this is to grab three or five golf balls and throw them into the grass next to the green.  Then, play them as they lie.  This will replicate similar playing conditions once you get to the golf course.

The last part of practicing will consist of putting.  When practicing, there will be two aspects that will be looked at: speed and aim. How to work on your aim is to find a straight putt.  So if you miss it right or left you know that it is a byproduct of your aim.   Aim the golf ball up with the hole and hit it in straight.  Distance control will also help you practice your putting.  This can be achieved by taking about a distance of 20 feet from the fringe and attempt to hit the ball so that it just brushes against the fringe.

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