How To Properly Grip the Golf Club

By Todd Kolb
October 1, 2012

Teaching Professional Brett Bennett provides some helpful tips on how to grip the golf club correctly.  The first key is to place the club in the fingers of both hands so that you have good control of the club.  Next, as you look down at your hands you want to be able to see two to three knuckles on the top hand (left hand for right handed golfers).If  you only see one knuckle, the grip is too weak and will produce a slice. If you see four knuckles when looking down, the grip is too strong and you will tend to hook the ball. The final and third tip for a quality golf grip is to make sure the crease in the palm of the bottom hand fits in the left thumb and joins the hands together. When complete, the V’s from the right and left hand will point towards the right shoulder.

There are three types of grips that golfers will use; the ten finger, overlap and interlock.  The ten finger is perfect for junior golfers or people with small hands.  The overlap grip is used primarily by people with large hands while the interlock grip is popular for people with short fingers. It is recommend you go to the range and experiment with all three and see what is most comfortable and produces the best results.


  1. would like more distance. I hit pretty straight.

  2. Joseph, if you like more distance, here are a couple of blogs to help:

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    Also, if you stay tuned, we’re releasing a brand new product in a few weeks to help golfers with their distance! Shhh… 😉

    — Troy

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