How To Properly Grip The Golf Club

By Brett Bennett
August 25, 2012

The fundamentals of the game are essential for playing good golf.  The acronym PGA not only stands for the Professional Golfers Association, but can also have some reference to the fundamentals of golf.   Posture, Grip and Alignment are the basics to beginning the game.  I would like to focus on the grip.  Our hands are the only things that connect our body to the golf club; without a proper grip you could not hit a proper golf shot.

When you take a grip with your top hand I want you to see two knuckle- This being the knuckles of your index and middle fingers.  From there, you are going to really feel the grip within your fingers with your palm sitting more on top of the club.  Go ahead and put your thumb in contact with your index finger.  This will form a V shape and it should be pointing toward your left shoulder for a right handed golfer or toward your right shoulder for a left handed golfer.

Now with lower hand, again I want you to feel the grip within your fingers.  The crease of that hand should fit right over your top hand’s thumb with your thumb running down the grip.  Again, this will form a V shape going toward the same shoulder as your top hand.

There are three types of grips that you can use.  The first being a ten finger grip or also known as a baseball grip.  This is where all ten fingers are on the golf club.  The next grip is called an interlocking grip which has index of your top hand and the pinky of your bottom hand together. The third type is an overlapping grip which has the bottom hand pinky over the index of the top hand.  Check out more details and tips for all of this in our Better Grip Tip video from below.

Next time you head to the range choose a grip that is comfortable.  You might just find yourself hitting the ball better!

Brett Bennett

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