How to Select the Proper Tees to Play From In Golf Video

By Brett Bennett
August 14, 2012

Not every golfer is at the same skill level, so not every golfer needs to play from the same sets of tees.  In this video, PGA Professional Todd Kolb walks us through each set of tees, as well as how to decide which tees are right for each golfer.

–        The furthest tees back are the Championship Tees, or Tips, and are generally played by more advanced golfers.

–        The intermediate tees are generally the Standard Tees, and these tees are going to be played by more recreational golfers.

–        The closest tees to the pin are usually the Ladies/Juniors Tees, and are typically played by seniors, women and youth golfers.

There are a few ways you can decide from which tees you should play.  One way is to take the distance you hit your 5-iron—let’s say 150 yards—and multiply it by 36.  In this case, it would be 5400 yards.  Take that distance and play from the tees that are closest to that total distance.

Another general guideline would be how far you drive the ball.  If you average 300 yards, you can probably play a course that is 7000 yards in total length.  If you hit it 250, play a course yardage that is closer to 6500; and if you hit it around 200 yards off the tee, play a course that’s around 6000 yards in total length.  If you aren’t sure, you should error on the side of caution and play a yardage that is a little too short instead of too long, which will make you more comfortable playing the course.  To get a look at a product that’s revolutionizing driving range sessions, click here to learn about Power Tee.



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