How To Set Up Your Bag With the Correct Wedges Video

By Joel Harrington
September 26, 2012

In this video, PGA Pro Todd Kolb discusses how to set up your bag with the correct wedges. Wedges are the shortest clubs in your bag, and are used for shots from short distances away from the green and for chipping around the greens. These types of shots are known as the scoring shots.

Wedges start with a pitching wedge ranging from 44-48 degrees, a gap wedge ranging from 50-52 degrees, a sand wedge ranging from 53-57 degrees, and a lob wedge ranging from 58-62 degrees. These lofts will vary depending on your set’s composition, but should always be 4-6 degrees apart from each other. Check out the video below for more details.

To learn more about the basics of the gap wedge, click here.  Also, click here to learn more about choosing the right wedge lofts for your game.

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