Innovative Sports LLC has some of the best sports products that help the player in whatever sport they are participating in. Two of the products for the golfer are the Tour Gate and Lignum Tee.

Driving Series

The Tour Gate is the latest product on the market that helps with putting. This exciting product has everything needed to help a player putt like a pro.

The Tour Gate allows any skill level golfer to begin, to enhance or even perfect their putting skills, by allowing the user to concentration on the putt’s direction to sink their putt nearly every time.

It is simple as all you need to do is position the Tour Gate, align it with the hole and hit the ball through the GATE, essentially one of the easiest ways to perfect your putting.

The product makes putting so much easier to practice and make you putting game one of your strengths. The Tour Gate is available for just $9.99 and come in various colors. This great putting product is just one of 9 golf products designed and made by Sports Innovations LLC.

The Lignum Tee is Europe’s top selling tee and has been available across the pond since 2002. The lignum plastic tee is known for its ring system that helps the player control the tee’s height and its anti-spin head makes this tee a popular choice amongst players around the world.

More than 5 million golfers in over 20 countries have used the Lignum Tee across Europe. The tee now is available in parts of the U.S. and throughout Asia.

Manufacturing has stayed in Europe in order for the company to have quality control on the product insuring that the plastic tee that is hugely popular in Europe and Asia and quickly making a name in the U.S. will remain a top tee on the market.

Now you can purchase your Lignum tee in a special bag that only will allow one tee out at a time so they do not fall out all over the ground or in the pocket of your golf bag. Innovative Sports LLC is distributing these tees and you can purchase them online at http://www.innovativesportsllc.com.