Lower Body Strengthening Exercises to Help Your Golf Game- Get Your Lunge On!

By Rick Cole
January 11, 2012

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to see how this exercise helps a golf swing. Scott Roggenbuck’s lunge routine incorporates stability, flexibility, balance, dynamism and full rotation into one exercise. All of these are critical to both the golf swing and to avoiding injury.

The basic lunge is a strength training exercise designed to work on the quadriceps muscles, gluteal muscles and those muscles comprising the hamstrings. These leg muscles create the stable base that is the foundation of the golf swing. Scott Roggenbuck’s lunge adds a twist (literally). Combing rotation with a lunge activates the shoulder and the oblique muscles as well. Together these muscles are responsible for generating the lateral turn powering the golf swing. The two moves together actuate all of the muscle groups that are so critical to speed and stability.

This is simple math; the faster you turn your shoulders, the faster the club head is moving. However, golf requires speed plus precision, since we have to get the club back to an exact position at the point of impact. I am sure many of us could generate 110 mph club head speed if we didn’t have to actually hit a golf ball. The first order of business is getting the club into the impact position; then we need to increase speed. To do this effectively, we must be able to turn 180+ degrees while in an athletic stance, and without coming out of our spine angle. This takes flexibility, strength and balance. Do Scott’s lunges to increase the length of the swing arc and to increase the ability to stay in the correct position all through the swing sequence. Also, this routine (sans the weight) makes a great high impact stretch before teeing off.

Rick Cole

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