Matt Every’s Golfswing, Now That’s Some Fancy Footwork

By Joel Harrington
January 15, 2012

As we wrote about yesterday, Golf Channel announcer Kelly Tilghman dropped an awkward bomb on Matt Every on Friday during a post round interview.  With Every leading the tournament at the halfway point, Kelly chose to focus on Every’s past arrest for marijuana possession, rather than spend time discussing his stellar play thru the first two rounds.  Anyway, despite what Kelly thinks, there is more to Matt Every than his past arrest.  Say for example, his unique golf swing.

What you’ll see in the video below is quite remarkable.  Just before impact, Every comes straight up on his tippy toes, almost like he’s jumping into the shot.  Conventional wisdom says consistency with such a move would be almost impossible, and Golf Channel analyst Nick Faldo agrees as you’ll hear in the video.  Faldo also notes how such unique footwork would be unlikely to hold up under pressure, as the smallest miss in timing could produce shots to veer well offline.  Nevertheless, it obviously works for Every and is further proof that textbook doesn’t always win on Tour.

Joel Harrington

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  1. I felt awkward listening to that interview, not the time or the place in my opinion, and I had wondered if she had cleared it with Every prior to the interview so he wasn’t totally blindsided.

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