Spring is a reminder that any day with a ray of sunlight and temps north of freezing will get the golf blood flowing.  We all know the feeling of that first round where hope is eternal and the thought that this is my year has yet to be destroyed by a couple of duck hooks going O.B.  However, after 3 weeks of wind, clouds and temps in the 40’s (well ok the 30’s) one has to wonder how crazy we must really be to think the upper Midwest is anyplace for a real golfer.

My favorite week of the year is always our annual family trip to Palm Desert, CA.  Eight days of golf, sleeping in and yes SUN, SUN and more SUN.  Oh, did I mention the lack of wind?  Yes, there are places in the world where the sun does shine and the wind is measured more like the speed limits in a school zone rather then the speed my car does down I29 headed towards Omaha.

I was first introduced to the golf paradise of Palm Desert as a kid working in the bag room at the local country club. At that time it was the place the wealthy members went during the winter to escape the cold while we working folks stayed home to clear the walks.  At that point the closest I came to backing my bags and walking the fairways was grabbing Mrs. Jones travel bag from the back room and loading her clubs in the trunk.

There are many great places to travel and spend some days on the links.  But if you’re traveling anytime between October and April, put Palm Desert, CA on your bucket list.  The weather is crazy good, the courses are pristine and the traffic is calm compared to other hot destinations like Orlando, San Diego or Phoenix.

If you do make the trip be sure to play Desert Willow www.desertwillow.com.  The 36 hole facility is open to the public and is as good as any of the country club in the area.  A friendly staff and variety of tee box options make it perfect for families or the die hard golfer looking for a real challenge.  After the round, be sure to visit Fisherman’s Market www.fishermans.com for some great seafood at a reasonable price.  Or if you need to eat on the run pick up a great burger and fries at In N Out Burger www.in-n-out.com

Great golf and great weather are all in the eye of the beholder.  Take it from this one time bag room attendant, there is a reason the rich and famous spend their winters in Palm Desert.  Try it.  You won’t be disappointed.