New Insight Into the Golf Swing

By Todd Kolb
May 1, 2011

Did you know that your body has a natural Power Angle?  How about your Center of Force?  No?  All right, can you identify your Line of Force?  Completely lost now?  You would not be alone.  However, Dr. David Wright’s research has shown these are all valid reasons why golfers are not playing golf up to their potential.

As a teacher of the game, I first consider myself a student of the game.  I am always fascinated at the different ways the game is taught, learned and discovered.  One of my life time ambitions is to spend time with the games great minds.  Asking, learning, agreeing and yes at times disagreeing with their methods and philosophies.
Recently I spent a few hours with top 100 Instructor Dr. David Wright.  Dr. Wright is not only a great teacher but a true researcher.   His study on body balance, power angles and how something as simple as your grip size can affect aliment is fascinating.  After three hours I walked away with a new perspective on the body and realized how little the golf instruction industry really understands how the body and golf swing interacts with each other.

The key ingredient from the research Dr. Wright has conducted is that every person has a natural body angle.  When this angle is created and maintained in movement the motion can reach create maximum speed and efficiency.  He uses the golf and baseball swings as examples to show how the natural body angle can be used to create an efficient repetitive movement.

However, the research doesn’t stop there.  There is also an optimum stance width, thigh angle, grip size and much more all based on this initial natural body angle.

If you find the science behind the golf swing intriguing, then check out Dr. Wright’s research and teaching.  He has a great YouTube channel and two websites worth checking out or



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