Offseason Golf Tips- Ways to Improve Over Winter

By Todd Kolb
December 7, 2011

If you are like many golfers, this past summer was an experimentation of new swing moves, golf clubs and tips meant to improve your game.  Between golf buddies, work associates and yes, even this local golf professional, there was never a lack of new ideas floating around. Heck, what’s wrong with trying to improve?  Even Tiger Woods has re-tooled his swing a few times.

Each year you should strive to learn something about your game.  It can be a completely new concept or simply an experience that reinforces something you already believed.  Thankfully, golf provides an endless supply of learning opportunities.

This time of year, I suggest you file away the lessons learned from the past golf season.  Take time to discard those bizarre swing tips that never worked and store away the few good ones that actually improved your game.  Much like a homeowner might de-clutter his house before putting it up for sale, you want to clear your golfing mind at the end of the season.  Simply put, it’s time to organize, clean and store the golf game.

Todd Kolb

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