Perfect Golf Labs- Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

By Rick Cole
March 10, 2012

All sports have undergone a scientific revolution over the past few decades. The introduction of kinesiology into sport has brought about profound new understandings of the physiology, mechanics and psychology of movement. Golf is no exception. The modern professional golfer has trainers who are interested in every aspect of his game. The swing is measured in minute detail. The golfer trains his thinking, both conscious and unconscious, to affect his swing. Every aspect of the golfer’s routine is planned to maximize repeated success.

One of the key understandings to come out of this science is the idea of muscle memory. This is how repeated actions, correct or incorrect, are learned and retained. Kinetic memory happens not only in the mind, but also through the connections between the brain and the muscles used. The people at Perfect Golf Labs harness this science to help golfers develop repeatable, successful motions that are uploaded directly to the brain through feel, rather than through a variety of swing thoughts.

Pendulum Perfect Golf Machine is the latest device from Perfect Golf Labs. This training aid is as revolutionary as the science behind it. Pendulum Perfect methodically grooves in your short game. The machine is fully adjustable to accommodate your individual body, stance, and putting stroke. By locking in the perfect pendulum motion for putting, or for chipping, the Pendulum Perfect allows you repeat stroke after stroke—perfectly. You learn as your body learns, by doing. Practicing this way eliminates all of the extra thoughts from your putting and allows you to focus on feel. The perfect stroke becomes a muscle memory that stays with you on the course. Good players take a few practice strokes in their pre-putt routine. Knowing how a good putt feels is the key to smooth relaxed execution. Pendulum Perfect locks in that feel, making it a permanent part of your game.

Rick Cole


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