Perfect Release- Feel What the Pro’s Feel

By Rick Cole
March 9, 2012

Bobby Jones knew a little something about the golf swing. In his classic instructional book, Bobby Jones on Golf, the Georgia Tech and Harvard graduate describes his image of the golf swing,

“I like to think of a golf club as a weight attached to my hands by an  imponderable medium, to which a string is a close approximation, and I like to  feel that I am throwing it at the ball with much the same motion I should use  cracking a whip.” (5)

Bobby Jones was concerned with releasing the club head for maximum speed. He thought many amateurs’ problem striking the ball arose from an improper image of a swing versus a hit.  Amateurs think of the shaft as a way to deliver power to the ball, rather than as a “string” used to get the club head moving quickly. More sledgehammer than sling.

The inventors of Perfect Release are working on this same problem. They’ve created a simple and effective device that allows you to completely take tension out of your grip. The Perfect Release supports the weight of your club, allowing you to feel the head of the club move and generate velocity independent of hand manipulation. A relaxed grip allows you to feel the club head. You can feel the club open and close like a gate as you move from address to backswing, from full release to finish. With only a few swings with the Perfect Release, a player senses the club head moving faster and more on plane. Continued use builds muscle memory and cements the feel for a correct swing, a feel that must be experienced to be learned.

The Perfect Release is a fantastic device for anyone unsure what a golf swing feels like. It also helps better golfers remember the feel of a great release and find their perfect plane. We all need a relaxed grip and an uncomplicated swing. Using the Perfect Release can help us remove all of those built up swing thoughts and become reacquainted with good feel all the way through the swing.

Rick Cole

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