Updated 10/25/2017

The Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf:  Simplifying Putter Alignment

Dirty Larry Golf is a name you might be seeing in more mainstream golf avenues through commercials and advertisements.  We actually got to interview the Owner/Founder of Dirty Larry Golf at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show.  So we decided to revisit our interview with David Nastalski about his Navigator putting training aid, as well as where the name Dirty Larry originated.

Origins of the Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf

I’m PGA Professional Todd Kolb, and I’m here at the PGA Merchandise Show with Dirty Larry Golf.  David, you and I started a conversation here because we have a mutual friend in the game of golf here.  And now we’re talking about putters, and this new invention that you’ve come up with.  I want you to—first of all—just take a few minutes to tell me the name of your company.  Then let’s talk a little bit about the idea and kind of how you came up with this concept.

Yeah, absolutely; we started about 3 years ago in Raleigh, North Carolina.  You can see there we’re the Navigator presented by Dirty Larry Golf.  Dirty Larry was a starter at our local golf course, and I met him back in 2009.  He took a whole bunch of my money on the golf course.  Anyway, this happened to a number of other students in the golf management program at NC State.  So someone hung a sign in the Pro Shop, and they said “don’t play with this guy, he’s dirty; he’ll take your money.”

And the name stuck, so when he approached me, he had pipe cleaners wrapped around this club.  I thought it was very interesting.  He brought me on board to help grow it into what it is now.  Therefore, we felt it only fitting to name the company Dirty Larry Golf in his honor.


What is the Navigator?

It’s a face alignment device, alright?  So we’re training you to understand what square looks like.  Now with putting, it’s virtually the only thing that matters, you know?  Path plays very little role in where the ball goes, so we started with pipe cleaners.  We went through nine prototypes, and we’ve got some alignment rods that show the consumer that this is where the face is aiming.  We wanted to give the user perception, and perception extending forward.  You know, a lot of putters have the line on the rear.

And that works to some degree, but with the exaggerated aiming line forward here, you can take it and use it as a sight.  I like to say it’s very simple and intuitive, you know?  You set it down, and we take that white tip there, we point it at the center of the hole.  Any slight variation in wrists—you know, whether it’s statically or dynamically—you can see a little bit easier based on this sight.  So the lead aiming rod being longer than the trail aiming rod really gives you that extended perception of square.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.12.34 AM

The Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf has an exaggerated aiming line forward to help identify variations in the stroke


How Can You Purchase the Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf?

So most importantly, if our viewers are taking a look at this, it’s something they want to purchase—because if you’re going to be a good putter, you have to be able to aim the putter correctly—where are they going to find more information?  Where are they going to make a purchase?

Yeah, they’re going to go to www.dirtylarrygolf.com.  They can find everything they need to know there; they can read about Dirty Larry Golf and our story.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.11.23 AM

The Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf

Well this is how great products are made; you have a young guy who’s in college, probably getting hustled a little bit by some old guy over there at the course, and he says “Enough of that, I’m going to make a change here.”  Puts his mind together with somebody else, and they come up with a great product.  David, good luck with it; I know you’ve got a winner.  We look forward to seeing you not only, you know, next year, but it many years to come.

Thanks Todd; I appreciate it.