This fall’s Tour Championship capped off a fantastic 2013 golf season and the subsequent Presidents Cup gave us another entertaining post-season exhibition exit to the season. Only 4 days removed from the conclusion of the 2013 PGA Tour season, we are starting it all back up again – the PGA Tour Season begins….wait, I bet you thought I was going to stay “shutting it down for awhile,” or something of the sort. Nope. In the words of the famed Mugatu from Zoolander, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Admission: I love golf. When its on TV, I’m watching it. I DVR enough live action to drive my roommates crazy with unnecessary hogging of precious space. I don’t travel the Tour every week and I don’t grind out event after event in attempt to make a living and continue forward with my playing privileges. I am not a Tour pro, or caddy, or media member who is participating in event after event wildly chasing all across the country. You know though, even I am thinking to myself, the 2013-2014 season is starting already? It is – at the FRYS.com Open, today October 10th.

In all reality, nothing much has changed. The Fall Series was always in existence for the PGA Tour, with the only changes being they now count towards FedEx Cup points standings going into next season. Before, it was a way for players to pad their Money List ranking and secure a card for the following season. With the addition of the Web.com Finals, followed the beginning of a new season – starting now. Its the same amount of golf, it simply has a little more meaning and long-term implications on a season long chase.

Here’s my stance. I’m excited to watch golf, hear Tour stories and see what the new group of guys have to offer for this upcoming season. I start to really miss golf come holiday time anyway, so I am going to take this opportunity to enjoy as much golf as possible. Some exciting rookies are making their debuts and it will be very interesting to see the influx of new names scattering the leaderboards. Here is my only request……:

Golf Channel – please no mentioning of the FedEx Cup Rankings until January 1, 2014. Even when January 1 hits, maybe we can wait until sometime in March for an update?

Other than that, bring it on new season.

Troy Klongerbo


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