Practice Putting Routine Video Tip With PGA Pro Todd Kolb

By Rick Cole
February 24, 2012

On the PGA Tour, and in your favorite foursome, golf’s greatest variation is seen on the putting green. Golfers use different postures, unique equipment, and a variety of strokes when rolling the rock.  Some bend way over their putts with wide-spread legs, while others stand straight as arrows. Putting strokes can be long and fluid, or shorter, quicker jabs. Forget about defining the club. Putters come in hundreds of different shapes, lengths, grips and finishes.  Still, with all this variation, some of the keys to good putting are universal.

In the video embedded below, PGA Pro Todd Kolb’s routine includes three drills to help you sink more putts. Your putter length or putting style doesn’t matter. Todd’s drills get your ball rolling straight, on pace, and into the hole. Practicing these drills will give you a clean, hands-free stroke, a still body, and an improved feel for speed and distance.

Twitchy, active hands are the golfer’s worst enemy when putting. The slightest hand movement can move the ball offline and interrupt a good stroke. Todd’s “Left Hand Only” drill promotes a solid impact position and a good, big-muscled, shoulder turn.
Pulling up to look at a putt moves your whole body, and throws off any putt. Todd’s “Look Away” drill trains your head to be still during putting. Finally, Todd’s “Fringes” drill is a fantastic way to get comfortable judging speed and distance. Taking the hole out of the equation lets you concentrate on getting the ball moving at the right pace every time.

This three-drill routine is easy to do and fits into any schedule. Practice them on the green or on a smooth carpet. Your putting stroke will be more solid and more consistent. No matter your choice of putter, or putting style, getting the ball in the hole every time is the key to lower scores.

Rick Cole


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