Hey golfers, PGA Pro Todd Kolb here with a product review. Today I’m looking at the XCG6 Driver from Tour Edge Golf. Tour Edge Golf really made its mark on the PGA Tour and also on the consumer market initially with its hybrids. Now, they’ve made some great in-roads with their irons and putters and things like that, and with this new driver, I think they’re going to be doing the same thing.

Now the first thing that I look for when I’m going to do an evaluation on a driver and think about putting it in my bag is does it look and feel good to me? Much like my putter, a driver is a very personal thing, and you’ve got to feel good about it before you take it out to play on the golf course. Personally, I’m more of a traditional golfer, that’s why I like the look of this. When you set it down by the golf ball, it’s got a black finish, it’s got nice clean lines, it’s going to look real traditional. So if those are the types of things that you’re looking for, you’re first of all going to like that.

Now, of course, any time we want to evaluate a driver, we want performance. We want straight and we want long. Now, in this particular one, it is adjustable, and what Tour Edge is pitching right now is their shot control technology. What that means for you, the consumer, is it comes with a wrench and you have the ability to change it to some different angles and lofts, and those types of things. It’s got an open, upright, closed, and a neutral position. This is going to allow you to hit the ball higher, lower, fade it, draw it, whatever it is that you want to do for that particular day, or based on your particular golf swing.

It also has some performance in the head. Not only does it have a thin face for maximum distance, it’s got some weighting on the toe and also some weight on the heel. In case you don’t quite hit it in the center, you’re still going to get some good distance on it.
So anytime you’re doing an evaluation on a driver, you want to think about maybe changing—you want performance, you want look and you want feel—I think this driver offers all of those things, and certainly should be something you should consider looking at. If you want more information about this product or other ones that might be offered by Tour Edge, be sure to visit TourEdge.com.

Todd Kolb