Proper Golf Grip Instruction (With Video)

By Dillon Friday
July 4, 2016


Before doing anything with your grip, sometimes consulting experts for golf grip instruction is a wise idea.

Plenty of golfers tinker with their swing with only the thought process of, “I’d like to stop slicing the ball (or hooking the ball, duffing the ball, etc., etc.).” That’s a pretty macro starting point and one that usually leads to over-compensation. For example, a player who slices off the tee might take an exaggerated stance, aim far left of target or hit an iron rather than fix the root problem.

And that may work temporarily, but it will only lead to more frustration. Because golf is somewhat paradoxical—it’s a tremendously difficult game that looks so easy—we tend to think solutions should be equally complex.

A lot of the times that’s not the case. What we must remind ourselves is that the swing starts at address, from feet positioning, to proper golf grip instruction. That’s what we’d like to review today.

Sometimes a simple drill can go a long ways in helping amateur golfers.

In the brief video below, PGA teaching professional and the founder of US Golf TV, Todd Kolb introduces a basic concept for a proper golf grip instruction. As Kolb asserts, alignment is crucial. If you line up your thumb on your lower hand correctly, it sets up your eye-line and front foot as well. Simple, yet effective.

Another good video to watch when searching for good golf grip instruction comes from Ignition Golf. The quality is a little outdated (it’s from the ancient time of 2012), but the message is good. Like the previous video, this one may come off as elementary. But that’s the point.

A proper golf grip won’t solve all of your problems on the golf course, but it’s a start. Especially when looking for the right golf grip instruction. If you’re struggling with alignment issues, consider applying the lessons in the above videos. It may even help with the rest of your swing ailments.

However, there’s always caution. With so little room for error, it’s important to be detailed oriented, especially in the set-up. Watch as Joseph Mayo and former professional golfer Grant Waite discuss the ramifications of a grip that’s too strong.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you hit the range.


UPDATE: A great video from Mark Crossfield talks about the grip, as well:

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