Do you want to be a better putter? The company Provoto has a great product designed to help you improve your play with that pesky little flatstick.

The key to lowering golf scores lies around the greens. Everyone wants to hit it further and higher. They want to hit draws and spin their wedges. While those are great things to possess, it is no secret where all of the strokes lie – the putting green. We can’t make it to the putting green all the time. Provoto is here to help.

We’ve seen the portable putting greens before. Sometimes they are put together of plastic and felt and appear cheap and tacky. This is NOT the case with Provoto. They boast putting greens made of gorgeous woodwork, engraved and stained with a beautiful finish. They also offer a number of different “turf” options to give golfers the precise feel they desire in practice sessions. Elevation and slope can be easily altered to challenge the golfer with a multitude of different putts.

The key features which help with improvement are the putting channel and the laser. Using these during practice help golfers hone in on hitting the putt on the proper line more consistently, allowing players to focus more on the speed/distance of the putt. People who use the Provoto, love the Provoto. Check out our video here:

Troy Klongerbo