Rikar Designs- A Gravity-Defying Putter

By Rick Cole
April 9, 2012

Our own PGA Pro Todd Kolb loves the “Inventor’s Spotlight” at the PGA Merchandise show. That’s where he and the USGolfTV team meet wonderful, inventive people creating the golf products of tomorrow. For example, in this video, Todd talks with Rick Karcher, who brings his impressive design credentials to his passion for golf and his compassion for others.

Golf is a game for a lifetime. Long after the specter of twisted ankles and broken noses makes pick-up basketball a memory, and your eyes can’t discern the difference between a strike, a ball, and a heater coming at your head, you can enjoy good times on the links. I know this for a fact because I regularly enjoy playing a few rounds with older friends from church. What I’ve learned, though, is that when you’re over seventy, the game definitely gets shorter, except for the putts, which get longer. But we still have a great time. Like my friends, I hope to play as long as I’m breathing.

If Rick Karcher has anything to do with it, I’ll have no problem overcoming the aging that flexibility and can make previously mundane movements painful. Rick is a trained industrial designer and architect. And it shows in his elegant, effective prototype of a putter that stands upright on its own. No bending, thanks to an activator that extends a spike built into a unique shaft several into the ground. The shaft, which can be made to fit any putter head, holds the putter stands upright, keeping you from having to bend over to pick it up.

This latest offering from Rikar Design got a lot of interest this year. The benefits for older golfers are obvious. It also got thumbs ups from those working to make golf more accessible for both the disabled and returning veterans. Passion meets compassion in great design.

Rick Cole

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