Blow up hole


There are a number of scary stories told about the basement of homes, anywhere from angry ogres to the boogeyman hiding in the corners. Most people raised in homes with basements had to at least one time go down over the stairs into the black abyss.

For four days in June, golfers at the U.S. Open will be trying to avoid another time of doomsday basement: the Chambers Basement. It could have a far worse outcomes for its visitors then we ever had walking down our basement stairs.

The golfers will face the Chambers Basement on the 18th hole in the fairway about 120 yards from the green. Any golfer unfortunate enough to hit his ball into thi bunker will come up with other names for the bunker, many of which will likely not be allowed to be broadcast on television.

Cue the bleep button…

The bunker curiously reminds us of this notorious bunker at Pine Valley…

This bunker is called, and we apologize, "The Devil's Asshole"

This bunker is called, and we apologize, “The Devil’s A**hole”

Back to Chambers Bay, though.

This pot bunker is 9-feet deep and can be reached by walking down 9 wooden stairs. Once inside, the real trouble begins.

Anyone whose ball finds a home in the bunker will not be seen for a while. It’s a pitch out situation.

I mean seriously, look again at how deep this thing is.

chambers bay

The 18th hole will alternate– along with hole 1– between a par-4 and a par-5 depending on course condition and weather (mostly wind).


While in the basement bunker, the green and pin are not visible. Standing in its depth of nine feet below the fairway is intimidating. Where the ball lands will have a great influence on how easy it is to escape. The majority of shots out of the bunker will be sideways and not forward.

Chambers Bay is typical links golf with numerous waste hazards, fescue grass over the entire course and peaks and valleys. It’s as unique a course ever seen at a U.S. Open.

With Chambers Basement on No. 18, it could come into play on Saturday or Sunday afternoon late, which could make for great theater.

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