The Importance of and How to Strengthen the Gluteal “Glutes” Muscles For Your Golf Swing

By Rick Cole
May 7, 2012

When I’m doing my body workout at the gym, there is one resistance machine I used to avoid. It wasn’t because the machine was too difficult or too painful, it’s just that I thought it was too girly (for lack of a better word). I call it the “Assinator 1000.” But, (pun intended) the real name is the Cybex VR 3 Glute. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad it’s there, and I’m glad the ladies use it. I just didn’t see any benefit for myself, until I saw this video.

In this video, Avera Sports Institute Golf Fitness Expert Dick Bartling calls the gluteus muscle group (glutes) “The King in the golf swing to provide us stability and power.” A solid, repeatable golf swing depends on stability, and we all want as much power as we can get. Just how do strong glutes help us hit the ball better and farther?

The glutes link the back and the hip and the thigh. When a right-handed golfer shifts his weight to the left foot and begins to rotate the hips toward the target, all of the action is initiated and powered with the glutes. The glutes’ most powerful action comes when pulling the body to an erect standing position from a stooped position. That is exactly what happens as you move through the hitting position to a proper, erect finish. Think about how Tiger Woods snaps his left leg straight to generate more speed. That move is done with his glutes.

So, try this great exercise to increase your glutes, and you’ll increase your strength, and your distance off the tee. If you’re in the gym don’t be afraid to use their version of the “Assinator 1000.” Your swing will get better, and maybe your wife will even enjoy the view as you walk out the door to play golf.

Rick Cole

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