The Pearl Putter- Accuracy Made Easy

By Rick Cole
March 11, 2012

Take a look around the next time you’re playing golf. Look at all of the different stances, postures, grips, and strokes. There are almost as many putting approaches as golfers. Did you ever consider the role of the putter in some of these variations? I’m not talking about shaft length, but the way the putter addresses the ball, and the lie angle of the putter head. How many of those different approaches to putting are caused by people adjusting to their putter, rather than adjusting the putter to the golfer?

It’s possible that people are contorting their bodies to fit to their putters because, until Pearl Putters came along, you couldn’t find an adjustable putter. Of course, you could bend the shaft to try and achieve a good fit. But how many of you bend and re-bend your putters in search of the perfect lie? There are limits to bending shafts. The Pearl Putter ingeniously erases those limits through a patented, USGA-conforming design. The Pearl Putter has an internal adjustment mechanism that gives you precise control of the lie angle to fit your stroke. The great thing is you can adjust over and over again until you find the perfect fit.

The golfer’s body is not static. Young golfers grow. Injuries and age can affect your game. Hopefully, you improve and make a better, more consistent action. Each of these changes can affect the way you hold and use your putter. Watch the video below and consider Todd Kolb’s interview with the people at Pearl Putters. After giving some thought to your own putting, it might be time for an adjustment.

Rick Cole

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