The Puttist- Golf Training Aid Video and Blog Review

By Rick Cole
March 30, 2012

Imagine a simulated green only five feet long, a few inches wide, and designed to help your putting stroke and aim. Add a way to accurately simulate putts ranging from 6 to 45 feet. And the ability to change the speed of the putt based on a Stimpmeter’s reading of green speed. Why stop there? Now add some computer-generated training games that increase fun and engagement while you practice to keep you working on your putting. If you’re having trouble even imagining a tool this cool, check out this video with PGA Pro Todd Kolb as he talks with the makers of The Puttist.

The Puttist is a portable training aid designed to help professional and amateur golfers simulate putting at the correct speed and distance. It’s compact enough to let them work on this critical skill anywhere and anytime. The Puttist uses digital technology to create a virtual green that is up to 45 feet long and that can be adjusted to account for slow, medium or fast greens. Repetition is the key to muscle memory, which, in turn, is the key to “owning” your putting stroke. The Puttist instantly gives you the feedback necessary to groove in perfect speed and distance on a variety of putting surfaces. This is simply unavailable on other putting aids.

The Puttist uses a five-foot, non-slip matt with alignment marks to help you find stroke distance, shape, and tempo. The putted ball travels down the matt to an information center that is the heart of The Puttist. The Puttist gathers and displays information that tells you if you missed your putt left or right, and by how much. The Puttist also displays how far your putt went. This measurement is adjustable according a Stimpmeter rating of green speeds: fast = 11.5; medium = 9.8; or slow = 8.2. You don’t need to be on the green watching your putt travel to the hole. Instead, The Puttist processes the data from your putt and displays it for you. That means you can practice anywhere and know how far, how straight, and how fast your putts are going.

Good teachers know people learn by doing. Putting practice aids only help those who actually use them. The Puttist helps increase practice engagement by increasing enjoyment. It does this by including a Game Mode on the device. The Game Mode includes four scoring games to improve skill. The Puttist keeps score for you and displays your progress. I’ve watched kids at my club play round after round of putting games as they wait for the course to open for juniors. Playing games doesn’t feel like practice, it feels like fun. Practicing or playing, The Puttist helps you improve your short game whenever and wherever you want.

Rick Cole

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