I am lucky – my wife plays golf. And she likes to play golf with me.

For years, I have listened to my friends lament – wishing their spouses also played golf. To them, I say find a way to encourage them because it is worth it.  Play Golf America is a great way to start and includes links to programs and information such as Get Golf Ready and Tee It Forward.

However, sharing a common hobby like golf is not without risks! Golf can be frustrating. Problems can arise if one spouse tries to help the other.  But my wife and I have a neat trick which helps us keep this game in perspective.


Early on in our marriage we learned that we both have strong opinions. Rather than let our strong opinions turn into damaging arguments, we decided to settle our differences over a Susan B Anthony Silver Dollar. I am not sure how this started but for years now you can often hear us say -“I’ll bet you the silver dollar…….”. Unfortunately, it was often hard to remember who owned the coin. So we had a display case made which is prominently displayed in our house.


The best part is that we also use the coin for golf games. When we play we use a handicap adjusted match play format. The winner gets the dollar. Sometimes they are blowouts but sometimes they come down to the last hole. Exciting! (Notice who currently owns the coin!  She played great!)

Lately though we don’t often get a chance to steal away for a round of golf together. Active twin 13 year old kids can do that! But there is one event we always save time for – the South Dakota Golf Association Husband-Wife Golf Tournament. This year’s tournament was held at Lakeview Golf Course in Mitchell, South Dakota. This is the second time we have participated in this tournament at Lakeview. It is a very nice playable course and the local staff prepared it well. While we have not yet cracked the code to scoring well (possibly because we don’t practice enough – more on that this summer), to evaluate our success on score would partially miss the point. Yes, we want to compete, but our goal is also social. It is a moment away from the other demands of life to just spend time together. It is also a chance to make new friends. In fact this weekend my wife played in a Member/Guest with a friend from an earlier tournament. (Update – they came in second in their flight which is great.  However, just a week earlier she struggled in our event.  So, while my earlier coin quote is common, so is this golf quote: “Where was that in the Husband-Wife?!”) OK OK – so how did we do?!  90 – 94 – 184. Above average for us. A 41 on Saturday’s front 9 is a career best and we enjoyed two “team effort” birdies!

So if you and your spouse or family play golf – Awesome!  Any stories?  If not, there is no better time to start than now.  July is Family Golf Month! Create your own memories.

If you have any thoughts or comments – share them!  Or you can contact me at steve@usgolftv.com.