Tips For How To Stay Cool On The Golf Course

June 4, 2011

Coming out of winter and spring, some golfers may have forgotten the necessary precautions to take before they hit the golf course in the heat. Dehydration and heat stroke is the last thing you want to keep you down on the course. The best way to combat both of these is first and foremost to stay hydrated. Carry water with you, drink water before and after the course and drink some more water before you get thirsty. The best idea is to pack an extra water bottle in your golf bag. If your golf bag has an insulated pocket you can bring along a frozen water bottle to keep cool. If you know you will be walking the course it wouldn’t hurt to bring along a drink that will give you back electrolytes such as Gatorade or Poweraid.

After serious winter hibernation, it’s important not to forget about your skin. Pack sunscreen and put it on before you hit the links. Don’t overdo it, your skin would still like to breathe.

Wear lightweight, loose-fitted clothing in a color that won’t attract the sun like black or other dark colors do. Wear a hat and some sunglasses to further protect your head. If you have it, moisture wicking athletic wear will help keep you cooler as well. Great examples range from Under Armour to Dri-Fit athletic wear.

Bring along an extra towel as well to keep you dry.  An extra golf glove is also good to have. Switching out gloves can help lengthen the longevity of your glove. If not, let your glove air out in between rounds.

Pack snacks, you never know if your foursome will have a Kevin Na (recently recorded as the slowest golfer on the PGA Tour) on your team or not. Fruits are the best way to give you boosts of energy.  You can also carry power bars for more sustainable energy.

Sometimes the only tee time available is at hottest part of the day. Now that you know what to bring to be prepared, you can’t blame the weather for your scores.

Hilary Harrison

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