Previously only reserved for the world’s best players via the Titleist Vokey Tour or Tour Van Department, the Vokey Design SM5 Raw wedges now may be ordered as well as customized through Vokey.com starting July 8.

Raw means no additional finishes are applied to the club. The wedge is made with carbon steel, says Bob Vokey the Master Craftsman. It appears as a satin finish that begins to rust following some use. The rust will give players more spin as friction is added to the face.

Vokey says the heads allow them to grind wedges to the specific needs of players. However, some players love the raw steel look and some even like it more when it begins to rust. Remember your trusty ole hammer in the toolbox covered in rust to you is as good as new?

Jordan Spieth– the same man who won the Masters and the U.S. Open while finishing second at the PGA Championship— has trusted these wedges since he played junior golf. He now has four Raw wedges in his bag at all times (ranging from 46 degrees to 60 degrees).

Many pros on tour, including this year’s Open Championship winner Zach Johnson and Jimmy Walker have said how they like the finish on Raw wedges because it keeps down the glare on bright sunny days.

The Vokey Design SM5 Raw wedges come in four different lofts between 54 degrees and 60 degrees. There are 10 loft/bounce/grind combinations that can be done. Every SM5 wedge can be customized including the personalized stamping in as many as six characters and a choice of 12 colors through their WedgeWorks program.

There are also a selection of industry leading grips, shafts, ferrules and shaft bands.

The performance of the SM5 wedges is impressive. What helps a player decide to spend the money to purchase a set of these wedges, is knowing they are the exact combination of loft, bounce and grind to fit your game.

Prices of the clubs start at $180 plus any personalization.

The peace of mind knowing that the wedges are in your bag to help you execute any shot needed is well worth the money spent on purchasing them.