Tools For the Golf Short Game- Get Your Chipping and Putting On

By Brett Bennett
April 23, 2012

As the summer approaches, many of us find ourselves back to the familiar sights of green grass and freshly cut fairways. Now with the Masters completed (marking the unofficial start of the golf season), it is time to start thinking about how we are going to regain our feel around the course and improve our scores.  One place where we can see immediate results with some focused practice is the short game.  Here are a couple products that can help us to recover the feel from last fall and develop good practicing habits when we do have the opportunity to practice.

The first item that every avid golfer needs is a shag bag. There are many companies that do make these types of products but we could keep it a simple as a handbag or small duffle bag.  Now fill this with old balls, preferably similar to the ones that you play on a regular basis to have a consistent feel when you are both playing and practicing.  So, here is the drill.  Hit five shots to one hole, then choose another hole and hit five shots to that hole, repeating the drill until all practice balls have been used.  Go and retrieve the balls using your shag bag.  To help create a variety of shots around the green, experiment with using different lofted wedges in your bag.  Pay close attention to how the height of each shot relates to the degrees of loft on each club.  See how many shots you can get within three feet out of your five shots…

Well, once we have chipped it close, the next item to take care of is to start making some putts.  A product that can help with this is the Putting Arc.  This putting aid is designed in the shape of a small arc, promoting an inside to inside putting stroke.  The Putting Arc is sold at area golf suppliers or is available online at  The price tag for this product is around $30.  Spend 10 to 15 minutes of practice time with the Putting Arc and you will find yourself with the feel of a very repeatable putting stroke.

So the next time you head out to practice, let’s not forget about a couple products that will make our practice time improve and become more efficient.

Brett Bennett

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  1. Try the Putting Alley ( if you want a practice device to get you putts starting out on the right line.

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