Tour Pure Pro- Golf Swing Training Aid Review Video

By Joel Harrington
March 8, 2012

To become a great golfer, practice and training are essential. The correct training aids are effective in helping players reach their goals. Here, PGA Pro Todd Kolb is trying out a new piece of equipment called the Tour Pure Pro. When holding it, Kolb immediately notices how it helps his release when he swings through. Because feel is key on the golf course, the Tour Pure Pro helps players become aware of the motion of the arms rotating through the hitting zone.

Usually on the course, a player’s mind is racing with thoughts concerning his swing, and that uncertainty creates tension in the arms, making it more difficult to make a proper rhythmic swing. With the Tour Pure Pro, you can practice the feeling you want on the range, to be able to bring a confident swing to the course, as consistency is key to good play. Being able to quiet your mind and let instincts take over is the best way to play golf. Kolb also notes that a proper release through impact increases accuracy and club head speed. This can give you more distance and help you to hit more fairways and more greens. Who doesn’t want that?

The Tour Pure Pro can also help your backswing. If you swing half way back, the tool should be pointed straight up in the air perpendicular to your arms. If it is not, the Tour Pure Pro makes it not only easy to recognize, but also easy to fix. Because of the way it is weighted, Kolb explains that you can feel when the Tour Pure Pro is not on plane because it will feel heavy. In contrast, when it is on plane, it will feel light and easy to swing.

Additionally, this tool can be used for alignment. Laying it flat on the ground and pointing it towards your target helps you understand how you are hitting the ball that day. Is it a draw, fade, cut, slice, etc? The information you can learn from your divots is also essential to understanding your swing path and ball flight. If the divot is pointed right of where the Tour Pure Pro is pointed, you know that you are swinging on an in-to-out plane and can adjust accordingly. The same thing applies if your divots point left of the Tour Pure Pro, as this means you may be coming over the top of the ball.

Understanding what your divots mean about your swing is important because it is something easily noticed and adjusted if you are struggling on the course. Furthermore, lining your ball up on the white spot on the tool will tell you immediately if the shot was hit fat, solid, or thin. Kolb also likes to use it for putting alignment to make sure the ball comes off the putter face properly and on line.

All in all, the Tour Pure Pro has many helpful functions to help golfers make the most out of their practice and to bring their score down. It seems like a worthwhile investment for players looking for a tool to help improve their games.

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