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We all remember the craze that the Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball Putter generated when it was first introduced.  The putter allowed you to align yourself with your intended line easier than ever before.  I remember playing with many other friends using the 2-Ball and hearing them say things like, “It’s like cheating without cheating.”  Years and years later the same concept has been applied to putters from nearly every different manufacturer, making it easier to line-up than ever before.  So, if that concept works so incredibly well with putters, why not apply it to other clubs?

Enter True Aim Golf- The Next Big Innovation In Driver Technology.  The inventors of true aim have recognized the extreme importance of alignment with the driver and even more importantly, confidence in that alignment.  Let’s face it, the old saying, “Drive for show, putt for dough” certainly holds true.  But, if you’re not keeping the ball in play, how can you expect to shoot a decent score?  Spraying it all over the course and scrambling for ups and downs for pars and bogies galore is more of a recipe for grey hairs than it is for long-term success.  So, in recognizing this, True Aim Golf allows you to be more accurate off the tee, and influences spin, launch angle and other characteristics of your driver swing, all with- get this- using your existing driver.  Wait, what?  How does that work?

First let me tell you a few facts about True Aim:

• True Aim was used by a Tour player at the 2011 BMW Championship.
• All of the claims that True Aim makes are supported by extensive FlightScope™ data.
• A major shaft manufacturer was amazed that this product could generate more ball movement than a $400 shaft.
• True Aim fittings can be performed on a driving range by yourself, or with the help of golf instructor.

A little skeptical?  Understandable, now we’ll tell you how this all works in one word: Decals.  Yep, it’s as simple as that.

As this product review on My Golf Spy points out, The True Aim system, developed by Tim Tucker and Jason Goldsmith, consists of a series of alignment decals that are affixed to the top of the driver.  Then, the golfer simply takes aim and swings away normally.  If you’ve found the proper decal (True Aim offers a variety of different ones so that you can find the one that best fits your eye), you will be more accurate and will have a more ideal ball flight.  You will be amazed at how finding the wrong decal will cause you to be less accurate and to produce a worse ball flight.  Yep, you can only imagine how the current top line/arrow on your driver is affecting or hurting your performance!

In order to test this to see True Aim’s amazing benefits, True Aim recommends that you go and test different decals on the range.  The help of a FlightScope tracking system or Trackman would certainly be beneficial for you to compare and contrast, but if there if your local course doesn’t have one available the performance improvement will be so noticeable that you’ll be able to simply see and feel the difference.

So, at this point you’re no doubt curious (seriously, who doesn’t want to drive it longer and straighter with the same driver that they currently have in their bag?), so here are a couple of other factoids about the True Aim decals:

– There are both temporary and permanent decals in the True Aim kit.
– The temporary alignment decals cling to the crown of your driver just like the decal in your car window for a park sticker or a decal for an oil change, meaning that they go on and come off easily when peeling, but stay on well.
– The reason for the temporary decals is so that you can go to the driving range or play a few holes to test to see which decal fits your eye best and gives you the best performance.  Once that is decided, you can affix the permanent decal to your driver.
– Once the permanent decal is applied to the driver, it will conform to the USGA rules of golf.

In order to see how a few examples of True Aim applied to a driver, see the pics below.

So, give True Aim a try today.  At just $19.95 plus shipping you can’t go wrong.  Click Here for the Paypal link to buy your very own True Aim kit today.

Also, as listed on My Golf Spy, now is the time to switch to True Aim before the rest of your foursome does!

Joel Harrington

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